Five Reasons To Learn HTML And CSS

Five Reasons To Learn HTMl & CSS

Which coding language should I learn, why and in what order?

If you’re looking to build a website from scratch and to get a good understanding of coding so that you can learn other languages HTML5 and CSS3 are the starting blocks.

HTML and CSS power the Internet. HTML  stands for  Hypertext  Markup Language; it is used to build the instructions and content of a web page. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, it is a set of rules applied to your web page. They are used in ALL of the websites  that you browse   each day

Regardless of your experience or work history; HTML and CSS are very useful tools to have. Having the knowledge of these languages can build a solid foundation in your coding journey. HTML& CSS are the easiest languages to learn and you certainly don’t need a degree to get started.


Here are five reasons why you should learn HTML and CSS :

  1. Knowing the basics HTML and CSS will allow you to better understand the web and how web pages are created. It is a useful tool that can be used in many positions such as developers, designers,  digital marketing and  entrepreneurs A designer with an understanding of HTML and CSS can design pages that a developer can build easily, Marketing can help to create pages that target a specific audience and entrepreneurs can save a great deal of money working with their own code.
  2. Should build your own website from scratch you won’t have to pay anyone else to do it. This is very useful for those looking to set up their own business as it can be quite a saving; even a small website can be a large investment. Even if you’re using a content management system to build your website, you can use your HTML and CSS skills to edit the layout of the pages (called Templates).
  3. For those looking to become web developer HTML and CSS is a must. All web pages are built using HTML & CSS, even server side languages that generate HTML (such as C#) and Content Management Systems (that use PHP, C#, Coldfusion|) will also generate HTML to be displayed in your browser.
  4. Having fundamentals will allow you to learn other languages much easier. Understanding the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript gives you the knowledge needed to become a Front End Developer (A Developer who works only with HTML, CSS and Javascript), or allows you to take what you have learned and apply these lessons (especially JavaScript) and apply these to Server Side Languages to become a Backend Developer (A Developer who works on the parts of the website that you don’t ‘see’)as a result of these new skill sets new opportunities open up for your career path.
  5. Finally, it is possible to begin making money! As a front-end developer there is a huge demand for people to create new websites or update old ones, new technologies that can be used in a web environment are released ALL the time, with HTML and CSS there are thousands of contract (short and Long), freelancing, permanent  opportunities  that allow you to earn as you learn.  And this isn’t even the best bit, because of the nature of web development and its ‘stateless’ availability (meaning you can access it anywhere) Web Development is one of the few career opportunities that allow you work almost entirely from home!

Do You Want to get Started?

GoCode Spark is a one day course that teaches you the basics of coding with HTML and CSS. The course is run by a member of the GoCode team with additional mentoring support provided by experienced developers from local businesses. This course is intended for complete beginners or coders with limited experience. We’re looking for people with a passion to learn. Check out our event page for more information.


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